2M Family Accessories

2M LogoAmphenol Aerospace offers a complete collection of backshells, protective caps, and other accessories for all of our 2M connectors. Custom solutions are available upon request. Consult the factory for more information.
2M667-262 protcap3
heat shrink boot
2M620MS064FH strain relief
2M backshell no oring reflect
Backshells and Accessories Technical Information:

2M801 Protective Caps

2M803 Protective Caps

2M804 Protective Caps

2M805 Protective Caps

Shrink Boots

Hex Nuts

Flange Gaskets


Strain Relief Clamps

Thread-On BAND-IT Adapters

Low-Profile BAND-IT Adapters

Environmental Backshells

EMI Backshells

Environmental EMI Backshells