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Goes from 9 to 187 Contacts! HD38999-grp-in-V 2010

The HD38999 family of connectors has 30% more contact density than the highest density Mil spec D38999 connectors of its size. This series of connectors was designed to utilize mil-specified 38999 components with the exception of the contacts and inserts arrangement. Utilizing existing mil-qualified AS39029 size 23 contacts and D38999 insert materials, these connectors are essentially a drop-in replacement for the standard D38999 connectors.

This connector design benefits users in a couple of different ways. For those users who need in increase the amount of contacts in their application, the HD38999 series allows them to do so without increasing the size of their connector.

For users who are looking to decrease the overall size of their system, they can do so by using smaller shell sizes without decreasing the number of contacts. Amphenol has qualified this series of connectors to the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999. Amphenol also manufacturers this high density series in Filter, Hermetic and customized versions to fit our customers' needs. Please contact us if additional information is required.

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