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Stand-alone dual channel fiber protocol converter good for 1G and 10G Ethernet. This product converts two channels of 1G or 10G-Base-T copper Ethernet to fiber optic protocols. In the 1G-Base-T protocol, the corresponding fiber protocol is 1G-Base-SX. In the 10G-Base-T protocol, the corresponding fiber protocol is 10G-Base-SR. The product auto-negotiates the fastest speed on the copper side of the interface and then sets the fiber speed. In addition to the functionality, the part comes as a stand-alone item to add to a platform with a 28VDC input power connector.


  • Copper protocols are auto-negotiated and can be 1G-Base-T or 10G-Base-T compliant to IEEE 802.3an standards
  • Fiber protocols can be 1G-Base-SX and 10G-Base-SR compliant to industry standards.
  • Fiber optic output power is -3dBm minimum
  • Power supply is 28V; 5 Watts max
  • Stand-alone adapter for integrating systems
  • Expandable from 1G to 10G speeds
  • Conduction cooled and -40C-+85C temperatures


  • Harsh environment avionics
  • Ground systems
  • Naval applications
  • Sensor systems

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