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2M804 Push-Pull Quick-Disconnect

Category: Micro-Miniature

Push Pull, Quick Disconnect, Push to mate, Pull to Unmate, Crimp, PCB, Solder cup, Spring-Loaded Caps, Plug rubber caps, Protection caps, 2M804-001-06, 2M804-002-06, 2M804-004-07, 2M804-003-07, 2M804-004-00, 2M804-003-00, 2M804-004-01, 2M804-003-01, 2M804-005, 2M804-020, 2M804-005-07, 2M804-020-07, 2M804-005-00, 2M804-002-00, 2M804-009, 2M804-021, 2M804-009-07, 2M804-021-07, 2M804-009-00, 2M804-021-00, 2M804-009-02, 2M804-021-02, 2M804-006, 2M804-006-07, 2M804-006-00, 2M667-202, 2M809-198, 2M809-083, 2M809-087, 2M667-282


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