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Amphenol has the most reliable contact solutions for superior electrical performance plus shielding to eliminate interference from outside electrical sources in a connector.

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10G-Base-SR Media Converters

Stand-alone dual channel fiber protocol converter good for 1G and 10G Ethernet

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2M High Speed Double Flange

Amphenol offers customized 2M receptacles with double flange standoffs. This enhanced design allows the user to mount to PC board applications. This series of connectors is ideal for high speed data bus applications utilizing PFA (Teflon) inserts and optimized contacts for high speed capability. PDS-264

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Amphenol Aerospace adds 1G BASE-T to SGMII Converter to the Electronis Product Family. This product line is rugged, flexible, and affordable with many options available. PDS-249

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Amphenol Aerospace adds 10G BASE-T to XAUI Converter to the Electronics Product Family. This product line is rugged, flexible, and affordable with many options available. PDS-248

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Amphenol Aerospace adds CTF-10G-1 to the CTF (Copper to Fiber) Media Converter Product Family. CTF-10G-1 is an integrated hybrid connector and media converter that couples high speed copper technology with M29504 fiber technology. PDS-242

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The family of Amphenol CTF Media Converter products can transfer high speed data seamlessly from copper to fiber and fiber to copper. The CTF-1G-SM is an integrated hybrid connector and media converter that is capable of higher speeds, longer distances and less componets. PDS-247

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Amphenol Aerospace offers the Fiber to Copper Converter product line, a flexible, affordable, and rugged fiber copper converter system with many options available. PDS-236

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The CTF-4G-4TXRX Media Converter is an integrated, standalone, convection cooled, and rugged fiber to copper and copper to fiber converter for use with Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel, Infiniband, Digital Video Interface (DVI), and many other interfaces. PDS-245

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Amphenol Aerospace adds the CTF-ENET-OCTAL-1G 1000BASE-SX Fiber to Copper SerDes Converter to the Integrated Electronic Products Line. This product line is rugged, flexible, and affordable with many options available. PDS-253

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The CTF-QUAD product line is fiber to copper and copper to fiber media conversion in quadrax form factor pins for standard D38999 quadrax insert arrangements. PDS-243

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The Amphenol GigaStak Line Replaceable Module (LRM) connector series is designed to meet today's need for a reliable high speed interconnect for harsh environments.

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High Speed Cable Assemblies

The High Speed Solutions group are experts in the fields of mechanical and electrical design, fiber optics, signal integrity and testing.

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High Speed Hermetic

Amphenol Aerospace is offering superior electrical performance plus the rugged design of a glass sealed hermetic connector. PDS-230

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Low Mating Force Rectangulars

The Low Mating Force family utilizes the B3 Brush Contact System because of low mating force, stable electrical performance and extended service life.

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Micro D-Twinax Transition Adapters

Amphenol now offers differential twinax transition adapters in smaller sizes that provide matched impedance interconnection to PCB boards.

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Amphenol Micro-D provide small interconnect solutions, exceeds the requirements of the US military standard M83513. Our connector design and custom solutions ensure exact performance in any application.

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MRC Connectors

MRC Multi-Media Ruggedized connector capable of running Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0/ USB 3.0, HDMI and 10 Gigabit Ethernet when specified and designated to a specific configuration. MRC is a micro-miniature connector ideal for commercial, Industrial and Military Communication systems. MRC in High Speed Catalog

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Other Board Level & Rectangular Interconnects

Amphenol offers additional Rectangular Interconnects from heat sink, ARINC, Filter, Backplane Assemblies, UHD, NAFI, Printed Circuit Boards, Flex Termination, Integrated Systems to name a few in this section.

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Other Products, Options

Amphenol is the leading manufacturer of integrated system solutions for the military and aerospace markets. This section is a brief outline of products and solutions for your interconnect needs.

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R-SATA Speeds up to 6.25 Gb/s+

The new (Rugged) R-SATA style connector is perfectly suited as the primary internal storage interconnect for desktop and mobile PCs, connecting the system to peripherals such as hard drives, solid state drives, optical drives, and removable magnetic media drives. PDS-240

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Round Cable (MT) Mechanical Transfer

Round cable MT features maneuverability and very high density in cylindrical connectors. The Round MT Cable Assemblies are ruggedized and fully tested for temperature, shock and vibration. PDS-238

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