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2M801 High Speed Dual-Start Connectors


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The 2M801 High Speed Series of connectors is ideal for use in USB 2.0, eSATA and other high speed databus applications. These connectors utilize PFA (Teflon) inserts that are optimized for high speed capability. Multiple standard insert arrangements are available-up to size 26 and size 23 contacts and beyond. Ideal for applications where space is limited and a high speed interconnect is needed.2M801-007-16-Socket

This series features plugs with or without anti-decoupling mechanisms and a Dual-Start ACME thread that provides full mating in 1 1/2 turns. Plugs and receptacles are provided in two different shell styles to accommodate the attachment of backshell with rear accessory threads or with integral backshell. The integral backshell allows for use of EMI shielding attachments and/or overmolding. Contact termination styles include Crimp, PC Tail and Solder Cup.

Custom configurations are also available in the 2M805 Series.

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