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Micro-Miniature Connectors for Harsh Environments.
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2M Connector Series

The 2M Series product line is designed for interconnect applications requiring high performance and reduced size and weight. This smaller, high density, lightweight connector far exceeds the competition in quality and performance levels. PDS-231

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2M High Speed Double Flange

Amphenol offers customized 2M receptacles with double flange standoffs. This enhanced design allows the user to mount to PC board applications. This series of connectors is ideal for high speed data bus applications utilizing PFA (Teflon) inserts and optimized contacts for high speed capability. PDS-264

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2M Python

2M Python is a low profile EMI/RFI plug and backshell combo. This innovative combination reduces space requirements without compromising on ruggedness or shielding performance. PDS-252

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2M801 Dual-Start Acme Threads

Amphenol's 2M801 Series features plugs with or without anti-decoupling mechanisms and a Dual Start Acme thread that provides full mating in 1 1/2 turns. Intermateable with Glenair's Mighty Mouse.

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2M803 1/4 Turn Bayonet Coupling

Amphenol's 2M803 Series features bayonet connectors with 1/4 turn full mate coupling. Plugs and receptacle are provided in two different styles to accommodate the attachment of backshell with rear accessory threads or with integral backshell. Intermateable with Glenair's Mighty Mouse.

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2M804 Push-Pull Quick-Disconnect

2M804 Series features a push-to-mate, pull-to-unmate connector with EMI spring installed in the receptacle for improved EMI. Plugs and receptacles are provided in two different styles to accommodate the attachment of backshell with rear accessory threads or with integral backshell. Intermateable with Glenair's Mighty Mouse.

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2M805 Tri-Start Threaded Coupling

The 2M805 Series offers the best EMI and vibration performance. The 2M805 features a Tri-Start thread with 1 turn full mate coupling. Intermateable with Glenair's Mighty Mouse.

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Bantam Bayonet Connector

Amphenol's Bantam Product Series replace D-Sub and high cost connectors. Bantam is designed for Aerospace Applications.

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HD38999 Data Sheet

The HD38999 family of connectors has 30% to 50% more contact density than the highest density Mil Spec 38999 connectors of its size. Utilizing mil-specified 38999 components makes this a drop-in replacement for the standard 38999 connector. PDS-208

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LMS is a connector system comprised of housing, modules, and contacts. Modules with various contact sizes and arrangements can be mixed within a housing for flexibility in wiring harness termination. PDS-239

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Micro D-Twinax Transition Adapters

Amphenol now offers differential twinax transition adapters in smaller sizes that provide matched impedance interconnection to PCB boards.

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Amphenol Micro-D provide small interconnect solutions, exceeds the requirements of the US military standard M83513. Our connector design and custom solutions ensure exact performance in any application.

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Micro-D Innovations from Amphenol

Amphenol micro connectors provide small interconnect solutions which will exceed the requirements of the US military standard M83513. PDS-228

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MRC Connectors

MRC Multi-Media Ruggedized connector capable of running Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0/ USB 3.0, HDMI and 10 Gigabit Ethernet when specified and designated to a specific configuration. MRC is a micro-miniature connector ideal for commercial, Industrial and Military Communication systems. MRC in High Speed Catalog

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Nexus Audio, Switches, Miniature Connectors

Amphenol Nexus Technologies off a full line of Audio Frequency Plugs & Jacks, Push-Button Switches and Miniature series.

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Other Board Level & Rectangular Interconnects

Amphenol offers additional Rectangular Interconnects from heat sink, ARINC, Filter, Backplane Assemblies, UHD, NAFI, Printed Circuit Boards, Flex Termination, Integrated Systems to name a few in this section.

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Other Products, Options

Amphenol is the leading manufacturer of integrated system solutions for the military and aerospace markets. This section is a brief outline of products and solutions for your interconnect needs.

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R-VPX Ruggedized Vita 46

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