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Custom Metal Machining

Custom MetalAmphenol Aerospace has extensive heat sink and metal machining manufacturing capabilities. Our engineering team can design a custom heat sink, interface plate, or even an enclosure. We design to fit your board or work from CAD models, assemblies, or step files. There are many benefits of Amphenol’s design and manufacture of custom metal machining such as:

  • Amphenol’s familiarity with major industry and military specifications
  • This manufacturing and design excellence provides customers with the assurance that their custom or standard Amphenol rectangular connector will mate to their heat sink design
  • Amphenol is an ISO 9001 facility. Focus is always on quality with cost effectiveness and continuous improvement of processes



  • Provide manufacturing studies on prototype models, CAD models or drawing packages (Consult Amphenol about acceptable CAD formats)
  • Provide rapid prototyping in-house
  • Manufacture interface plates and other accessories; Design-in and install pins, studs and threaded inserts
  • Provide extensive knowledge in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing techniques that can assist in optimizing your design to enhance manufacturability from the initial design phase (DFM)
  • Provide ease of design for a variety of heat sink configurations and heat sink materials
  • Design flexibility for contact cavities for RF, digital I/O, high speed, fiber optic, power and low voltage data signal contacts
  • Provide in-process and final dimension checking

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