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The ADC-4CH-370M-16 is a four channel, 370 MSPS, 16-bit analog converter. This utilizes and integrated MIL-DTL-38999.ADC-4CH-370M-16 FRONT The JESD204B I/O devices are to be directly coupled to a host FPGA. The four channel ADC (x2) devices connect through the high bandwidth connector to a FPGA-based host board which maximizes data throughput and minimizes latency.

The ADC-4CH-370M-16 supports an onboard programmable sample clock generator as well as an external reference input. Multiple ADC-4CH-370M-16 can be synchronized to increase the number of input channels through the use of trigger input/output signals directly under the control of the FPGA.

The ADC-4CH-370M-16 supports eight inputs through 50Ω MMCX type front panel connectors. The analog inputs are single-ended and are coupled to TI ADC16DX370 ADCs using a balun and AC coupling capacitor configuration to produce the broadband differential input required by the devices.


  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)
  • Radar and Smart Antenna Arrays
  • Sensors
  • Munitions Guidance
  • Motor Control Feedback
  • Network and Vector Analyzers
  • Microwave Receivers
  • Software Defined Radios
  • Quadrature and Diversity Radio Receivers
  • Digital Satellite Payloads
  • Data Storage


  • Quad 370 MSPS 16-bit ADCs
  • Onboard programmable sample clock
  • Option for internal or external ADC clock
  • Optional pass through clock for facilitating additions
  • Integrated MIL-DTL-38999
  • Rugged and naturally convection cooled
  • Large range of acceptable supply voltages
  • JESD204B interface


  • Increase PCB space
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Able to synchronize multiple channels/boards
  • Easily interfaces to FPGA-based host board
  • Removes bulky RF cabling
  • Removes costly development
  • Low power consumption
  • TI development board compatibility
  • Extend existing JESD204B via MM Fiber

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Technical Documents: ADC-4CH-370M-16

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