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Quadrax-cable-assemblyAmphenol provides a large array of cable assemblies with high speed quadrax and differential twinax contacts, as well as coax and concentric twinax contacts. Amphenol strives to offer customers the widest range of cable assemblies, keeping abreast of the latest cable types in the marketplace. Please consult with the contact product managers at Amphenol Aerospace for assistance in designing the cable assembly that suits your particular needs. From a simple one-cable interconnection, to a multiple cable system, Amphenol can design and supply your cable needs for high frequency contacts and connectors. See the High Frequency Contact Designer’s Guide at the end of this catalog section.


Rigid testing is performed 100% on cable assemblies at Amphenol before they are shipped to make sure they meet customer requirements. These requirements include tests such as DWV, resistance and continuity. Amphenol has the background experience and understanding of harsh environmental testing to assure reliable “end-to-end” interconnect solutions.

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NEW! High Speed Contacts Guide

The NEW High Speed Contact Guide is easy to use and now your can sort by size, cable, impedance, series and type for a part number and termination instructions.

Termination Service Instructions

Technical Documents: High Speed/High Frequency

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