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38999 quadrax can-clipAmphenol® Connectors are ideally suited for the incorporation of shielded contacts for high performance interconnection applications. The circular family is built around MIL-DTL-38999 specifications, with Mil-approved and commercial styles offered. Other connectors that can incorporate high-speed contacts include: MIL-5015, MIL-DTL-22992, and various Board-Level interconnects.

Amphenol MIL-DTL-38999, which feature rear-removable contacts, are normally supplied with a full complement of power contacts, separately packaged. Coax, twinax and triax contacts are ordered by part number as referenced in the part number charts and are substituted for the power contacts at the time of the cable or equipment assembly. If the application is for coax, twinax or triax contacts only, the connector may be ordered less contacts and no power contacts will be supplied.


  1. Select the D38999 Connector Series desired.
  2. Select the Amphenol® Star Quadrax Contacts, Amphenol® Differential Twinax Contacts, Amphenol® Coaxial Contacts, Amphenol® Concentric Twinax Contacts and/or Amphenol® Triax Contacts contacts or the Amphenol® Quadrax Transition Adapters that correspond to the Amphenol High Speed Copper Cables being used.
  3. Select the insert arrangement to accommodate required number of contacts. Insert patterns for quadrax and differential twinax contacts / Insert patterns for coax, twinax and triax contacts
  4. Complete the connector part number from How To Order Guide D38999, incorporating the chosen insert pattern number. Consult Amphenol for assistance in ordering 38999 circulars with coax, twinax and triax contacts.
  5. Consult Amphenol Aerospace for ordering information for connectors with PC tail contacts and for transition adapters.
  6. If connector is ordered less contacts, power contacts and/or sealing plugs may be ordered separately to fill out the insert arrangement.

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NEW! High Speed Contacts Guide

The NEW High Speed Contact Guide is easy to use and now your can sort by size, cable, impedance, series and type for a part number and termination instructions.

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Technical Documents: High Speed/High Frequency

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