VPX Board Conversion Modules
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VPX Board Conversion Modules

The VPX media conversion products provides the sweet spot of conversion from both backplane and Base-T connectors, as vpxwell as backplane and high-end fiber connections. The product suite includes the components needed to quickly integrate this unit into a new sub-system, as well as install and field in rugged environments. By utilizing this architecture as a starting point, new derivatives that support specific requirements can easily be made, ensuring high-technology readiness and low-development costs.


  • Embedded and integrated set of media and protocol conversion VPX boards for open systems architectures in the military rugged market
  • Providing connectivity for 1G, 10G, and up to 40G Ethernet with Base-T and Fiber Base-SR conversion circuitry
  • 3U and 6U VPX modules have corresponding internal sub-systems connectors/cable as well as full test and integration set of products
  • For plug and play integration with COTS VPX CPUs,  Switches, and other devices
  • New derivatives can be formed to meet new customer requirements
  • Full diagnostics and control interfaces for built in test and alternate configurations

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