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For over 85 years, Amphenol Aerospace (formerly Bendix Interconnect division) has been the leader in advanced innovative designs for the Military/Aerospace markets. Our design team has created and designed Mil Spec interconnects such as MS 5015, 26482, and 38999. Our team has also developed the B3 contact technology that has been the backbone for the F-22 and F-35 Avionic systems and Space Station connectors, which are used to supply power and data on the International Space Station.


Amphenol remains committed to leading the industry into the next generation of interconnect solutions. We continue to invest in tools like Pro-Engineering and SpaceClaim for solid modeling and 3D printers that bring these models to life. Mechanical and stress analysis is performed with Pro Mechanica our team of Signal Integrity Engineers analyze full-wave, three dimensional and electromagnetic for high speed interconnects using CTS Microwave Studio. After design is complete, our engineering model shop can build physical prototypes for testing purposes.



Amphenol’s on-site test lab is fully equipped with mechanical, electrical, and environmental test capabilities. Tensile testers are used to evaluate engagement and separation forces of new contact and connector designs. Electrical testing capabilities include Low Level Contact Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, Corona, Current Carrying capacity, Signal Integrity Validation, Electrostatic Discharge, Electrical Filtering and Transient Suppression Validation, and Shielding Effectiveness testing, with capabilities to evaluate at potentials of up to 50 KV, and currents up to 2500 A VDC, 400 A VRMS up to 2000 Hz. In addition, our lab can perform random and sine vibration at -65C to+200C, mechanical shock, thermal cycling and shock, humidity cycling, Salt Spray/Fog + SO2, and chemical compatibility testing, all under one roof.



Our teams are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for your current and future applications.
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