Connector Basics
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Connector Basics

Part numbers for connectors are usually found on the square flanges or round coupling rings. Part numbers can also be found on the mating connector.

A four-digit code is usually a date code specifying the year and week of manufacture.

A five-digit code is usually a cage code identifying the manufacturer.

Look for numbers on the mating connector. If you can't find any numbers, get information on the contact arrangement, size, color, and specific use.

A part number can be all numbers, all letters, or a mixture of the two. The latter is the most common form composed of usually a series identifier, a style, a size, and arrangement indicator.

  • Shell - Houses insert and contacts
  • Insert - The dielectric or insulating inner core, holds contacts
  • Coupling Nut - Outer threaded or grooved ring which holds mated pair together
  • Jam Nut - Nut that holds receptacle to a panel
  • Bayonet Coupling - A non-threaded, ramp type of coupling
  • Contacts - Mechanical tip to which electrical engagement is accomplished
  • Pin Contact - Male half of a mated pair of contacts
  • Socket Contact - Female half of a mated pair of contacts
  • Solder Contact - A contact to which wire is joined by soldering
  • Crimp Contact - A contact to which wire is joined by mechanical squeeze
  • Plug - The cable/coupling half of a mating pair
  • Receptacle - The panel/receiving half of a mating pair
  • Mating Pair - Two connectors that couple together. Shell size insert arrangement and rotation must be compatible
  • Plating - The metal finish applied to contacts and or shell components (protective) to resist corrosion and wear
  • Grommet - Resilient part at back of insert (attached or see rate); gives wire moisture seal
  • Gland - Resilient ring in rear accessory, provides seal on jacketed cable
  • Sealing Plug - Plastic type slug, placed in unused grommet holes to seal
  • Grounding Fingers - A metal strap around plug shell for positive shell-to-shell conductivity/shielding
  • Hermetic - A connector with fused glass insert for air tightness
  • Mating/Unmating Forces - Torque required to couple/uncouple a mating pair of connectors or contacts
  • Rear Termination - An accessory which threads to back of shell
  • Strain Relief - A type of accessory which clamps wires for support
  • Potting Boot - A type of accessory which forms a mold for potting compound
  • EMI or RFI Backshell - A type of accessory to terminate wire shielding
  • Interface Seal - A resilient part on the face of pin inserts which provides moisture seal.
Contact Options: 
Solderless Wrap (Wire Wrap), 
PC Tail, Coaxial, Thermocouple, 
Triaxial, Fiber Optic, Filter
Contact Size 22D 22M 22 20 16
American Wire Gauge - Wire Size 22-28 24-28 22-26 20-24 16-20


Contact Size 12 8 4 0
American Wire Gauge - Wire Size 12-14 8-10 4-6 0-2
  • Adapters
    • straight, 90°, 75°
    • conduit, environmental, open wire bundle, EMI, etc.
  • Compression ring - wire seal
  • Clamp - cable sealing
  • Stain relief - clamp, kellems grip
  • Potting boot -straight, angle, universal

Threaded for an accessory such as a cable clamp. Intended for permanent mounting on box or panel.

Threaded for an accessory such as a cable clamp. Intended for cable connecting..

Unthreaded and intended for permanent mounting on box or panel.

Intended for high-pressure system where it is soldered

Intended for D-shaped hole.

Universal use.
*This connector style is sometimes referred to as a cable connecting "plug." It does, however, mate with either a straight or 90 degree plug.


Threaded; Bayonet
Shell Sizes (Typical MIL-C-5015)

8S, 10S, 10SL, 12S, 12,
14S, 14, 16S, 16, 18
20, 22, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48

"S" designates short shell and short contacts
Shell Size denotes mating thread diameter in 16ths of an inch. For example, a size 8 shell denotes 8/16 of an inch with a .5000-28 UNEF thread.
Style Designation
06   Straight
08   Angle
09   Flange Mount Receptacle
05   Straight, Less Rear Accessory
00   Wall Mount
01   Cable Connecting or Line Mount Receptacle
02   Box Mount
03   Wall Mount, Less Rear Accessory
04   Line Mount, Less Rear Accessory
07   Jam Nut
IH   Solder Mount Hermetic
Insert(Pin or Socket) Insert & Grommet Assy.
  • Solder
  • Crimp
  • Metal Clip Retention
  • Dielectric Retention
May include a soft front interfacial seal (Bonded) if dielectric is hard, and a rear
sealing grommet separate or attached.

Pin - Crimp*

Socket - Crimp*

Pin - Solder

Socket - Solder

Sizes by Wire Gauge, Examples:

4/0 American Wire Gauge 4/0

22D American Wire Gauge 22-28

*Crimp is removable.

Amphenol Prefix Class of Connector Description
21 Transient Protection/Filter Filter, MOV, or Diode
JT Subminiature Cylindricals MIL-C-38999 Series II Junior Tri-Lock, MIL-C-27599
LJT Subminiature Cylindricals MIL-C-38999 Series I Long Junior Tri-Lock, MIL-C-27599
SJT Subminiature Cylindricals Scoop-proof Junior Tri-lock
CTV Subminiature Cylindrical MIL-C-38999 Series III Tri Start Composite
TV Subminiature Cylindrical MIL-C-38999 Series III Tri Start Series
T3X Special Application Products MIL-C-38999 Series III Environmental Connectors
T3X Special Application Products MIL-STD-1760 Lanyard Release Plug
TGX Special Application Products #8 Single Contact Twinax Connectors
M55302 PCB/Rectangular MIL-C-55302 Rectangular Connectors
67 MS Standard and MS Modified Cylindrical Environmental resistant, �minni E�
75 MS Standard and MS Modified Cylindrical MIL-C-5015 Crimp Contacts
97 MS Standard and MS Modified Cylindrical MIL-C-5015
944X MS Standard and MS Modified Cylindrical MIL-C-5015 Rear Release Crimp
AC MS Standard and MS Modified Cylindrical Amphenol Industrial Series
GT MS Standard and MS Modified Cylindrical MIL-C-5015 Reversed Bayonet Coupling
MB1 MS Standard and MS Modified Cylindrical Series II MIL-C-26482
PT Miniature Cylindricals Series I and II MIL-C-26482 Connectors
FPK Miniature Cylindrical MIL-C-26500 firewall, Class K stainless steel
MT Miniature Cylindrical MIL-C-83723 Series III threaded coupling and quick disconnect
ZZL Miniature Cylindrical MIL-C-26500 threaded coupling, old style
ZZW Miniature Cylindrical MIL-C-26500 bayonet coupling
ZZY Miniature Cylindrical MIL-C-26500 threaded coupling
BT Miniature Cyindrical MIL-C-83723 Series III
MS1734 or 10 Heavy Duty Cylindrical MIL-C-22992 QWLD
MS9055X Heavy Duty Cylindrical MIL-C-22992 Class L Heavy Duty

Basic Components

  • Shell (House Inserts & Contacts)
  • Insert (Dielectric Contact Insulator) Pin or Socket
  • Contact (Wire End Termination) (Electrical Engagement)
  • Coupling Nut
  • Accessories(Wire Seals, Cable Seals, Wire Support, etc.)

Mated Pair

Rear Accessory

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