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Bantam is a high-performance circular connector product range developed for aerospace applications where electrical performance must be met with affordability. High mating cycles along with excellent shell to shell electrical bonding for EMI are the benchmark of rugged connectors. Bantam provides a solution that meets your budget and performance goals. Amphenol has filled the gap between the most ruggedized military grade connectors and the consumer grade connectors with Bantam.

Bantam utilizes a robust triple bayonet coupling mechanism along with an internal EMI ground spring to provide excellent shell to shell conductivity. Various mounting options are available including in-line and 2 hole flange mount configurations.

Bantam meets the RoHS and EWIS requirements for the aerospace cabin environment.

Applications include:

  • Cabin & Proximity Lighting
  • Sensors
  • IFE&C
  • In-Seat Wiring
  • In-line Connections
  • Panel/Equipment Connections

Bantam HD is an extension of the original Bantam product range that offers high-density insert arrangements as well as environmental sealing options.

Features & Benefits:

  • Triple bayonet coupling
  • Quick, reliable tool-less locking
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Excellent EMI shielding
  • Variety of platings available
  • Five polarization options
  • EWIS and RoHS compliant
  • Recessed pins minimize potential contact damage
  • PCB contacts/arrangements available
  • Simplified termination with tape and reel contacts
  • Built-in Backshell for wire braid termination (Band-It)
Connector Specifications

  Bantam Bantam HD
Shell/Coupling Nut Aluminum Alloy, Various Platings
EMI Band Copper Alloy, Nickel Plating
Retaining Ring Stainless Steel
Wave Washer Stainless Steel
Rivet Stainless Steel
Insert PA66 (Plastic) PPS (Plastic)
Grommet, Seal, Gasket N/A Silicone Rubber
Contact Copper Alloy & Stainless Steel, Gold Plating
Temperature Range -55°C to 125°C -65°C to 150°C
Test Voltage 500 VAC Size 23 500 VAC, Size 12 & 16 1800 VAC
Shell Conductivity 2.5 mΩ max at 1.5 VDC and 1A
Insulation Resistance 5000MΩ min at 500VDC for 1 min
Contact Resistance 22mΩ max at 1A
Mating Cycles 500 cycles
Vibration 10-500-10 Hz, 180 mins applied on 3 axes
Thermal Shock 5 cycles between -55°C & 125°C for an elapsed time of 70 mins 5 cycles between -65°C & 150°C for an elapsed time of 70 mins
Salt Spray (Electroless Nickel) 5% Salt Concentration, Duration 48 hrs.
Standard How to Order Guide

Standard Dimensions

Standard Insert Arrangements & Contact Data

HD How to Order Guide

HD Dimensions

HD Insert Arrangements & Contact Data



Stamped and Formed Contact Crimp Instructions

Machined Contact Crimp Instructions

Bantam Catalog
Bantam is a lightweight, all-metal bayonet lock connector designed for high volume commercial aerospace applications where electrical performance must be met with affordability.
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