Optical Transceivers

High-Speed Optical Transceivers for Mission-Critical Systems

Amphenol Optical Transceivers are rugged, small form factor devices designed for lightning-fast data transmission and reception in fiber optic systems. Engineered to excel in harsh environments, they are the go-to choice for high-speed, mission-critical applications.

Product Mamba
Mamba Quad Channel 25G Rugged Transceiver
Product Copperhead
Dual Small Form Factor 25G Rugged Transceiver
Product Viper
Small Form Factor 25G Rugged Transceiver
Product Boomslang
Quad Port 10G Board Mount Transceiver
Product Cobra
Quad Channel 50G Rugged Transceiver
Product Tiger Snake
Tiger Snake
12x Channel 25G Rugged LEAP Transceiver

Our high-speed optical transceiver portfolio features:

  • A range of data transmission speeds (25 Mbps to 50 Gbps)
  • Wavelengths (single mode and multimode)
  • Optical channels (from 1 to 12 channels)
  • Compatibility with VITA-compliant and SOSA-aligned systems, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific application requirements.

High Speed, Low Footprint

Amphenol Optical Transceivers deliver exceptionally high speeds while adhering to size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) constraints. They occupy minimal space and weight in your assembly, making them the ideal choice for streamlined, high-speed data transmission in fiber optic systems.


Our transceivers play a vital role in ensuring uninterrupted communication in high-speed military and aerospace applications where space and weight must be conserved but fast, reliable data transmission is paramount. 


What are Optical Transceivers?


transferring data

High-speed fiber optic technology relies on light signals and is one of the fastest, most efficient methods of transferring data in high-bandwidth communications. Fiber optics are rapidly gaining ground across military and aerospace systems due to their numerous advantages over traditional copper-based communication technologies.


These advantages include:

  • High-Speed Transmission
  • Reduced Weight
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Resistance
  • Reduced Signal Loss
  • Enhanced Security
  • Longer Transmission Distances


An optical transceiver is the vital intermediary that bridges the gap between electronic devices and fiber optic cables. It transforms electrical signals into optical signals, sending them seamlessly through fiber optic cables, and performs the reverse conversion—turning received optical signals back into electrical ones.


At Amphenol, we recognize the pivotal role these components play in mission-critical systems. Our optical transceivers are designed to outperform in harsh environments and extreme temperatures, offering built-in EMI resistance and ensuring signal integrity and link budget under adverse conditions. They are tailored to meet the demands of a wide range of military and aerospace applications.


Military Communications and Embedded Systems


military communication

Optical transceivers are used throughout military and aerospace communications and embedded systems for transmitting high-speed data between ground stations, aircraft, satellites, and other platforms. Their ability to maintain data integrity over long distances makes them essential for secure and real-time information exchange. Optical transceivers are essential components in these systems due to their pivotal role in ensuring secure, high-speed, and reliable data transmission under the demanding conditions of military operations.


Amphenol Optical Transceivers are the ideal choice for a broad range of military communication applications and embedded systems technologies. They offer exceptional durability, security features, and performance, meeting rigorous high-speed standards and ensuring reliable data transmission in harsh environments.


Avionics Systems 


avionics systems

Optical transceivers are indispensable components in avionics systems due to their critical role in ensuring high-speed and secure data transmission within aircraft. Avionics systems rely heavily on data exchange between various onboard instruments, navigation systems, and communication equipment, where the importance of optical transceivers becomes evident.


Amphenol Optical Transceivers are the optimal choice for avionics systems due to their exceptional reliability, durability, and performance. Our transceivers ensure uninterrupted data transmission amidst extreme temperatures, vibrations, and other harsh environments. With minimal signal loss and high data integrity, they preserve the accuracy of vital avionics data, essential for flight safety and navigation.


Guidance and Navigation Systems 


missile technology

Optical transceivers play a pivotal role in military guidance and navigation systems, particularly in missile technology. These systems rely on precise and real-time data exchange to ensure accurate targeting and navigation, making optical transceivers essential components.


With unmatched reliability, durability, and performance, Amphenol Optical Transceivers guarantee the seamless transmission of critical data in the harsh environments of missile technology, where extreme temperatures, speeds, and vibrations are expected.


Satellite Communications


orbiting satellite

Optical transceivers are indispensable components in satellite communications systems, playing a vital role in ensuring the efficient and reliable transmission of data between ground stations and within orbiting satellites. Satellite communication relies on high-frequency signals that demand a secure and interference-resistant transmission medium, making optical transceivers essential.


With dependable performance in space's harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, radiation, and a vacuum environment, Amphenol Optical Transceivers ensure uninterrupted data transmission while upholding signal quality with low loss, a crucial factor for satellite services. They also offer robust security to safeguard sensitive data and mission-critical operations.


Radar and Sensor Systems


radar and sensor system

Optical transceivers are vital components in radar and sensor systems, playing a pivotal role in these critical military and surveillance technologies. Radar and sensor systems rely on precise and rapid data exchange to detect and track objects, making optical transceivers indispensable.


These systems often operate in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, vibrations, and demanding weather conditions. Amphenol Optical Transceivers ensure uninterrupted data transmission and functionality in these sensitive systems, no matter the circumstances.