Optical Transceivers

Product Leap-AHRD
High-Speed Solutions On Board Transceiver Rugged Device
Product SCFF Rugged Optical Transceiver (1TRx)
SCFF Rugged Optical Transceiver (1TRx)
The rugged SCFF ("Small Cubical Form Factor) is a 1-channel duplex multi-mode (850nm) on-board transceiver with a 12pin electrical interface (SMT) complying specification SFF-8431 for high speed interfaces.
Product NG-TRx Board Mount Transceiver
NG-TRx Board Mount Transceiver
The NG-TRx Board Mount Transceiver combines the interface features of NGCON, ARINC 801, and proven opto-electrical transceiver components.
Product QEPT 200G PAM4
The QEPT 200G integrates the finest & latest PAM4 enabled VCSEL drivers & TIA available on the market to ensure optimum performance.
Product LEAP OBT Rugged (12TRx)
LEAP OBT Rugged (12TRx)
The LEAP® On-Board Transceiver is a rugged 12-channel duplex optical transceiver capable of running data-rates of up to 16Gbps per channel (192Gbps cumulative) on multi-mode fiber: