D38999 Series III Bulkhead Feedthrough Connectors

Product 38999 Bulkhead Feedthroughs Product 38999 Bulkhead Feedthroughs


Amphenol Aerospace's Bulkhead Feedthrough connectors are double-ended receptacles with feedthrough contacts that mate to standard Mil-Spec D38999 plugs.  Available in multiple shell and contact styles, they are designed to meet applicable requirements for 38999 Series III and allow for long-term ease of assembly and serviceability as well as reducing bill of materials.

Features & Benefits:

  • Corrosion Resistance:
    Several shell finishes capable of withstanding 500 hours of salt spray
  • Environmentally Sealed:
    Environmentally sealed when mated with Mil-Spec plug
  • Gender Availability :
    Available in a variety of gender options tailored to your application needs
  • Contact Protection:
    Recessed pins in this 100% scoop-proof connector minimize potential contact damage
  • Versatile:
    Mates to standard D38999 plug connectors and accessories
  • Temperature:
    Performs in ranges from -65C to 200C
  • Also Available: thermocouple, filtering, high speed, hermetic, and custom.  Contact Amphenol for more information
  • Contact Amphenol for Series I and II availability
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BTV00 - Wall Mount
BTV10 - Wall Mount with Clinch Nuts (Not Pictured)

BTV01 - In-Line

BTV01 - Jam Nut

Bulkhead Feed-throughs Data Sheet
Bulkhead Feed-Through Connectors remove the need for discrete wire termination when assembling the connector.
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