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Amphenol's Ram-Lock interface is a positive locking, push-pull connector technology that is available across many different product lines.

The connector design consists of high-temperature-capable components proven for use in high-temperature environments and applications.

The single pole contacts used in this series come with many different options, including but not limited to crimp, busbar (lug) or threaded post.

The high amperage and high-temperature contact system, known as Temper Grip, accommodates higher amperage than standard Mil-Spec contact ratings at high ambient temperatures.

This connector provides the user with a connector solution that can perform to the same temperature rating as high-temperature wires.

Temper Grip

Utilizing Amphenol’s new contact evaluation system, we are able to precisely tell you the amperage rating of your chosen connector based on your system’s ambient temperature.

Features & Benefits:

  • Capable of up to 500 amps, Ram-Lock is designed
    with highest conductivity alloys available to be as close to uncut wire as possible!
  • Side by side data available comparing to uncut wire
    and standard mil-spec conductors.
  • Straight Plug or Right angle design available to reduce
    form factor, contact Amphenol to configure termination.
  • Can be packaged with Powerlug & Flexible high temp wire
  • Crimp, busbar/lug, male threaded post and female
    threaded termination available
  • Utilizes Temper-Grip contact technology, paired with High Current Pins
  • EMI protection & full environmental sealing

Heat Rise: The operating sleeve of the Ram-Lock connector typically runs 15-25% cooler than the conductors inside. Additional sizes can be tested by request. Data set "HCP" indicates typical heat
rise of Amphenol's High Conductivity Pin when paired with Temper Grip sockets. Those come standard on Ram-Lock.

Ram-lock with temper grip datasheet
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