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Amphenol reduces the pitch and increases the density of contacts with the HDAS range. With its robust and simple design, high density and high performance in harsh environments, HDAS rectangular connectors are the right high-density PCB connector when installation, cost and reliability must be considered. 

Features & Benefits:

Key Features:

  • 7 sizes from 3 to 5 rows, 50 to 253 signal contacts
  • 4.5A per signal contact / DWV: 750 Vrms
  • High density: 1.905 [.075] staggered grid
  • Press fit solderless attachment technology available - Lateral rails to protect male pins from external damage

Technical Information:

  • Cost effective rugged connector for harsh environments
  • Monolithic high-density PCB interconnect
  • High pin counts up to 253 contacts per connector
  • Designed for severe mechanical environments
  • High temperature (LCP material) & vibration levels
  • Mezzanine or right angle board to board connection
Performance Specifications

Mechanical Characteristics
Backoff1 (mm) 1.2 [.0472] MAX
Mating force per contact (N) 0.6 < f < 0.8
Unmating force per contact (N) 0.3 < F < 0.5
Durability cycles 500
Sinusoidal vibrations (20 to 2000 Hz) micro discontinuity 2ns 15 g
Random vibrations (600 to 700 Hz) micro discontinuity 2ns 2.682 g² / Hz
Shocks micro discontinuity 2ns 100 g
Recommended tightening torques:  
- nuts for Ø 2.5mm screws, brass (m.N)
- nuts for Ø 1.6mm screws, brass (m.N)



Environmental Characteristics
Thermal shocks (°C) -65 / +150
Salt Spray (hours) 96
Temperature (°C)
Humidity rate (%)
Electrical Characteristics
Current rating per contacts (A) 4.5 (see derating curve)
Insulation resistance (GΩ) 5 MIN
Contact resistance (mΩ) 10 MAX
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (Vrms) 750 MIN
How to Order Guide

HDAS Data Sheet
High performance and competitive PCB connector
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Micro HDAS
The 1.27mm pitch connector. Smaller, lighter & still as strong.
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