MIL-DTL-55302 Low Mating Force Connectors

Product MIL-DTL-55302 Low Mating Force Connectors Product MIL-DTL-55302 Low Mating Force Connectors


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Amphenol’s MIL-DTL-55302 Low Mating Force rectangular connector series is one of the highest performing board connectors in the world, with proven performance on the ground, in the air, and at sea. This series utilizes the B3 brush contact system known for low mating force, stable electrical performance in high vibration, and extended service life. 

Features & Benefits:

  •  0.100 inch center to center, square grid contact spacing
  • Application flexibility (parallel boards, perpendicular boards, wire to  board, end to end boards, card extenders)
  • 2, 3 and 4 row contact arrangements with 10 to 100 contacts per   row in one contact per row increments
  • Military versions meet MIL-DTL-55302/166 through /172
  • Termination versatility; straight & 90° PCB stud, wire wrap & crimp
Performance Specifications


  • voltage rating:   SL/1300    70,000 ft./325
  • one and one-half ounce average contact engaging/separating forces
  • 7 milliohms average contact resistance for row A contacts  
  • (Resistance will vary depending on the point of measurement and the length of the contact.)
  • 3 ampere – PCB contacts; 5 ampere – wire wrap / crimp contacts
  • –65°C to +125°C temperature rating
  • 5 gigaohms minimum insulation resistance


  • Connector Body – Glass-filled thermoplastic molding material in accordance with MIL-M-24519 type GPT-15F and/or Grade B
  • Class 15 of MIL-P-46161 (UL94V-O)
  • Polarization Keys – Glass-filled acetal plastic molding material in accordance with MIL-P-46137
  • Locking Screw/Mounting Bushing – Corrosion-resistant steel AISI 300 types passivated in accordance with QQ-P-35


  • Holders – Copper alloy in accordance with Federal Specification   QQ-B-626 or SAE J463
  • Wire – Berryllium copper in accordance with Federal Specification  ASTM B197
  • Sleeves – If applicable, stainless steel in accordance with AMS-5514 passivated in accordance with ASTM A967
Brush Contact Technology


Brush Contacts vs. Conventional Pin and Socket Contacts

Brush Contact Innovation

  • Multiple contact interfaces - Strands of high tensile wire are bundled together to form brush-like contacts. By intermeshing two multi-strand wire bundles, an electrical connection is made.
  • Provides redundant current paths, 14-70 (points of contact) per mated contact with a gas-tight junction
  • Very smooth (low friction) interface

Conventional Pin and Socket

  • Machined surface finish on both parts
  • Higher friction and wear
  • Limited number of contact sites
Connector Options

Mated Pair Options

How to Order Guides

Row + Cavity ID, Contact Arrangements

Connector Dimensions

2 Row Contact Arrangements

3 Row Contact Arrangements

4 Row Contact Arrangements

Smaller Size .100 x .100 Sq. Inch Grid

Hybrid Configurations

Docking Connectors


Installation Instructions

Low Mating Force Catalog Section
Amphenol’s Low Mating Force Connectors are well known in the connector arena – qualified for use on M1A2 Abrams, F-16 Falcon, F/A-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, AIM-132 ASRAAM and many more applications.
Incorporates a higher density contact pattern and lower mated height than Amphenol’s standard low mating force rectangular connectors.
HDAS rectangular connectors are the right high-density PCB connector when installation, cost and reliability must be considered.
Amphenol Advantage IconComplementary External Product Micro HDAS
Micro HDAS
The 1.27mm pitch connector. Smaller, lighter & still as strong.
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