Termination Instructions

L-Ref Number Part Number Subject Description
L-2119-JA 21-033387-251
Installation Instructions Contact, Pin and Socket, Differential Twinax, Type M38999 Series I & III Special, Size 8
L-1107-BL 21-033591-081 Contact, Socket, Coaxial, Type LJT-RE, TV-R (MIL-DTL-38999 Series I & III
L-2119-JB 21-033425-811
M38999 Series I & III, Size 8 Contact, Pin and Socket, Octonet
L-2119-JC 21-033836-211 Receptacle Adapter Transition Adapter, Receptacle, Quadrax Type High Speed, 90° Attachment, Installation Instructions
L-29128-008 CF-198136; CF-198137
Termination Instructions Termination Instructions for MT male and female assembly kits
L-2119-JD 21-032904-121 (PIN), 21-032905-121 (Socket) Contact, Pin and Socket, Octonet Type D38999 Series I & III, Size 8, Installation Instructions
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