High Power Connectors

Ampheol Aerospace High Power products utilize RadSok and Temper-Grip contact technology.

Product High Power 38999
High Power 38999
D38999 Series III shell with RadSok, Temper-Grip, or standard high power contacts to accommodate requirements for 500+ amps.
Product High Voltage 38999
High Voltage 38999
An expansion of the MIL-DTL-38999 series to provide solutions for next-generation aircraft power requirements.
Product MGT-5015 Reverse Bayonet Coupling
MGT-5015 Reverse Bayonet Coupling
An expansion of the GT-5015 series, offering a rugged environment connector in new finishes such as Durmalon and Black Zinc Nickel for military applications.
Product MIL-DTL-5015 (Matrix)
MIL-DTL-5015 (Matrix)
This crimp, rear-release high-power series provides an improved alternative to the older MIL-C-5015 solder type.
Product HVDC
HVDC is a low mating force, high mating cycle connector that achieves enhanced performance due to multiple points of contact vs. standard 2 or 4 tine contacts.
Product Class L Connectors
Class L Connectors
Amphenol Class L 22992 heavy-duty connectors are the largest size cylindricals.
Product Commercial Class L
Commercial Class L
Commercial version of the MIL-DTL-22992 heavy-duty connectors.
Product QWLD Connectors
QWLD Connectors
Legacy QWLD connector series perform to the MIL-C-22992 specification.
Product QWL Connectors
QWL Connectors
The QWL Series is a versatile, economical alternative to military qualified designs which makes it well suited for shipboard installations and ground support power distribution applications.
Product Busbars
Laminated and standalone busbars are available through Amphenol IPC.