Cryo-Seal Hermetic Connector Series

Product Cryo-Seal Hermetic Connector Series Product Cryo-Seal Hermetic Connector Series


Matthew Simonds
Product Engineering Manager


Air-Tight Glass Sealed Connector Series for Cryogenic Temperatures

The Cryo-Seal Hermetic connector series is designed for extreme low-temperature environments. They are built to retain contact-to-contact sealing in temperatures as low as -319 °F (-195° C). 

Temperatures falling below -85 °F (-65 °C) typically leaves one at risk of losing the pin-to-pin environmental seal and/or having cracked elastomeric components leading to electrical shorting. The Cryo-Seal Hermetic ensures your sealing and connectivity remain operational.

48-hour exposure testing conducted on our Cryo-Seal Hermetic series showed no fractures or cracks in the glass seal. Maintaining a true hermetic seal, limiting helium air leak to 1X10^(-7) cubic centimeters per second. No cracking of the elastomeric interfacial seal was observed under 5x magnification.

Applications: Liquid Rocket Engines (LRE), Superconducting Qubit Quantum Computers, Medical Devices, Lunar and Martian Environments, Deep Space Travel

Features & Benefits:

• Mate with Deep Space 38999 plugs for a Cryogenic mated pair
• Intermatable and interchangeable with standard 38999 connectors
• Limits helium air leak to 1X10^(-7)cubic centimeters per second
• Improved interfacial seal to resist cracking in extreme cold conditions
• Exposure tested for 2 weeks at -319 °F (-195° C) and retained full hermeticity
• Rubber will not take a compression set when stretched or compressed due to regular connector operations
• Available across 38999 Series I, Series II, and Series III
• Tooled in 30+ insert arrangements across 38999 connectors
• Can be made available in 2M connectors as well

Cryo-Seal Hermetic series datasheet
Cryo-Seal Hermetic series datasheet
38999+ Catalog
Infinite Options Beyond the Mil-Spec Limits for Military, Aerospace, and Harsh Environments.
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2M Hermetic
The small and lightweight 2M Hermetic connector provides an exceptional airtight seal without sacrificing ruggedness and meets or exceeds most MIL-DTL-38999 environmental and performance requirements.
D38999 Series III Hermetic
MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors with tri-start coupling and a glass to metal seal achieving mil-spec hermetic sealing requirements.
D38999 Series II Hermetic
MIL-DTL-38999 Series II connectors with fast, 1/3 turn bayonet coupling and a glass to metal seal achieving mil-spec sealing requirements.
D38999 Series I Hermetic
MIL-DTL-38999 Series I connectors with fast, 1/3 turn bayonet coupling, scoop proof design to protect the contacts, and a glass to metal seal achieving mil-spec sealing requirements.
D38999 PCB Hermetics
D38999 Series III hermetic connectors with PC tails for Printed Circuit Board assemblies in severe environment applications needing EMI Shielding
MIL-DTL-26482 Series I Hermetic
MIL-DTL-26482 Hermetic connectors provide twice as many contacts as standard connectors in a small and compact package and feature an airtight glass to metal seal.
SJT Hermetic Connectors
Amphenol SJT connectors combine the unique design features of the scoop-proof LJT series within the standard mounting dimensions of JT types.