Presentation featuring AAO VITA products.
Boeing Certified BACC 5015 Data Sheet
BACC connectors are qualified to Boeing specifications to satisfy general-purpose requirements and unique product challenges for shielding, environmental sealing, fluid resistance, and vibration.
CF-020400-065 Thermal Analysis
Thermal analysis document showing the analysis to determine that the critical components on the CF-020400-065 board are within their thermal limits.
CF-020400-62 Thermal Analysis
Thermal analysis of the critical components on the CF-020400-62 board
EMI Test Report
National Technical Systems Test Report for EMI Testing of the 19CD0002 Switch Box
Filter Check Sheet
Use this sheet to help determine which filter connector is right for you.
High Speed Protocol Product Guide
Explains specifications and contact layouts for various high speed protocols.
Lightning Protection White Paper
Amphenol offers superior transient protection from numerous threats, including direct or indirect lightning strikes
National Technical System Test Report for Environmental
Testing of 19CD0002SwitchBox
Network Switch Software Documentation
Software guide for network ethernet switches.
Outgassing Test Report
PowerSafe Insert Arrangements
Insert Arrangements
PowerSafe Jam Nut receptacle
Jam Nut receptacle
PowerSafe Wall Mount
Wall Mount
Rack and Panel Rain Test
Third party mated Rack and Panel connector rain test for AAO
Rack and Panel Signal Integrity Analysis
Rack and Panel connector simulated electrical characterization
R-SATA Plug Right Angle Card Edge Connector
R-SATA Plug Right Angle Connector
R-SATA Plug Straight Connector
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