Termination Instructions

L-Ref Number Part Number Subject Description
L-2075 ESD Protection Test Procedure Attenuation Test Procedure for Connectors with Faraday Cage
L-2119-AM 21-33835-61 Transition Adapter, Plug, Quadrax Transition Adapter, Plug, Quadrax Type High Speed,
L-2090-C 21-33475-1 Coax Contacts for ARINC 600 Connectors Contact, Socket, Coaxial, Type ARINC 600
L-1253-AH 21-33191-262
Twinax Socket Contact Contact, Socket, Concentric Twinaxial Type, M38999 Series I & III Instructions
L-1294-12 Mint Marks

Connector Assembly Facility identification for Amphenol Interconnect Products To identify connectors assembled by authorized Amphenol assembly locations.
L-1107-AG 21-33102-41 Coaxial Contact Contact, Pin, Coaxial Type LJT-R, TV-R, Crimp MIL-DTL-38999 Series I & III Installation Instructions
L-2119-AV 21-22285-141
Quadrax Contact Contact, Pin, Size 8, Quadrax, Type 38999 Series I & III
L-2119-CD 21-033385-211 (Socket)
21-033384-211 (Pin)
Quadrax Pin Contact Contact, Pin, Quadrax, Type M38999 Series I & III Special, Size 8, Installation Instructions
L-1253-AC 21-33190-92
Concentric Twinax Pin Contact Contact, Pin, Concentric Twinaxial Type (MIL-DTL-38999 Series I & III) with Type II Seal provided with connector Installation Instructions
L-2119-AI 21-333837-071 Quadrax Receptacle Transition Adapter Transition Adapter, Receptacle, Quadrax, Type High Speed, 90
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