Termination Instructions

L-Ref Number Part Number Subject Description
L-2119-HV 21-033468-111 (plug)
Transition Adapter, Plug, Quadrax Type High Speed Board Installation Instructions
L-2092-Y 21-33380-21 (PIN), 21-33381-21 (Socket) Contact, Pin and Socket, Coaxial, Type TV-R Special (MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Multi-web), Size 12 Installation Instructions
L-2092-AY 21-033005-001 (Socket), 21-033006-001 (Pin) Contact, Pin and Socket, Coaxial, Type MIS-23393-003 Crimp, Size 12 Installation Instructions
L-2035-X 21-033122-547 Contact, Pin, Coaxial Type JT-R, LJT-R, TV-R, Crimp (MIL-C-38999 Series I, II & III) Installation Instructions
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