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AP-93 is a conductive REACH/RoHS compliant finish which outperforms Cadmium. AP-93 exceeds Olive-Drab Cadmium plating (Class W) by meeting 1000 hours of dynamic salt spray, 500 mating cycles, and meets the millivolt drop shell-to-shell conductivity of nickel (Class F). AP-93 also meets a 200° C temperature rating, is compatible with other platings, and is available on all D38999-style Series III connectors.

AP-93 is intermateable with Cadmium, making it the perfect drop-in replacement for applications where Cadmium has been the preferred option. AP-93 is an excellent choice for harsh applications related to sea, air, weapons systems, and space systems, as it provides superior barrier protection and excellent lubricity for threaded applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available on all D38999 Series III style
  • Meets 1000 hour salt spray requirement
  • REACH/RoHS compliant
  • Intermateable with Cadmium -- excellent
    drop-in replacement for existing connectors.
  • 500 mating cycles per D38999
  • Meets 200° C temperature rating
  • Meets D38999 shell-to-shell conductivity
AP-93 1000 Hour Alt-to-Cad Plating

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AP-93 Plating Data Sheet
Durable REACH/RoHS compliant plating for aluminum connectors, which outperforms Cadmium and exceeds 1000 hour salt spray requirements.
Summary of Cadmium's Compatibility with Dissimilar Metal Finishes
Video AP-93 Connector Plating
AP-93 Connector Plating
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