Amphenol Aerospace Features & Technologies

As a leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art interconnect systems for commercial and military applications, Amphenol Aerospace offers an extensive selection of connectors and interconnect components for a multitude of different applications across land, air and sea. Whether it’s commercial aviation, military aviation, or space flight, Amphenol products provide exceptional connectivity and guarantee reliability in extraordinarily harsh environments. Contact us for more information on which Amphenol connector systems are best for your application needs.

Product 38-Ninety
The Lowest Profile Option for D38999 Connectors and Beyond. Use a proven and simple solution with no die-cast and no welded joints
Product High Temperature Series Five Connectors
High Temperature Series Five Connectors
High Temperature Series Five connectors are the ideal solution for interconnect and electrical wire assemblies near engines, firewalls, and other high-heat sources.
Product Cryo-Seal Hermetic Connector Series
Cryo-Seal Hermetic Connector Series
The Cryo-Seal Hermetic connector series is designed for extreme low-temperature environments. They are built to retain contact-to-contact sealing in temperatures as low as -319 °F (-195° C).
Product AP-93 Plating
AP-93 Plating
REACH/RoHS compliant alternative to Cadmium plating.
Product AmpheSEAL High Pressure
AmpheSEAL High Pressure
38999 High Pressure Solution
Product Corrosion Ingress Seal
Corrosion Ingress Seal
Protection against salt spray and corrosion for D38999
Product Space Blind Mate Connector
Space Blind Mate Connector
Designed specifically for large panels where extra float is required in all axes, or for any application requiring a floating interface
Product Lightning Protection Products
Lightning Protection Products
Amphenol offers superior transient protection from numerous threats, including direct or indirect lightning strikes.
Product Push Pull Connectors
Push Pull Connectors
Amphenol circular push/pull connectors are the industry-standard locking connector with quick disconnect features.
Product Deep Space 38999
Deep Space 38999
Designed for the frigid temperatures of space and other extreme cold-weather environments, Amphenol Aerospace’s new Deep Space 38999 series is perfectly suited for below-zero applications.
Product 2M Space Saver
2M Space Saver
The 2M Space Saver right-angle EMI/RFI low-profile plug and backshell combination reduces the profile of your plug by 50% compared to a standard 2M801 while maintaining ruggedization and dependable shielding.
Product Tracer - Rapid Prototyping
Tracer - Rapid Prototyping
Fully functional, fully customizable prototypes - fast