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Brush rack and panel connector series utilizes Amphenol’s durable and reliable B3 contact system in a rugged, non-floating Rack and Panel connector. Included in this series are digital and power/digital “hybrid” insert arrangements. The hybrid series utilizes Amphenol’s high-performance RADSOK® power contacts along with Amphenol’s proven B3 contact.

Features & Benefits:

  • High-performance B3 brush contacts
  • 0.100 inch x 0.100 inch
  • square grid footprint
  • Environmentally sealed at connector interface when mated (optional feature)
  • Environmentally sealed connector mounting interface                     
  • EMI protection is available at mounting surfaces and connector interface
  • ESD protection is available – allows use of Class 3 hardened chips (4KV max. voltage)
  • Tapered mating surface provides near-zero X & Y plane movement between mated connectors
Connector Options

Rack and Panel Catalog Section
This connector series utilizes Amphenol’s durable and reliable B³ contact system in a rugged, non-floating Rack and Panel connector
Board Level and Rectangular Interconnects Catalog
Board Level and Rectangular products includes LRM, Ruggedized VME 64x/VITA 60, 66, High Density HDB3 & HSB3, Low Mating Force, Rack & Panel Brush, LMD/LMS and more.
Rack and Panel Signal Integrity Analysis
Rack and Panel connector simulated electrical characterization
Rack and Panel Rain Test
Third party mated Rack and Panel connector rain test for AAO
MIL-DTL-55302 Low Mating Force Connectors
Utilizes the B³ brush contact system known for low mating force, stable electrical performance in high vibration, and extended service life.
Incorporates a higher density contact pattern and lower mated height than Amphenol’s standard low mating force rectangular connectors.
HDAS rectangular connectors are the right high-density PCB connector when installation, cost and reliability must be considered.
Amphenol Advantage IconComplementary External Product Micro HDAS
Micro HDAS
The 1.27mm pitch connector. Smaller, lighter & still as strong.
R-VPX VITA 46 Connector System
R-VPX is a ruggedized, high-speed, board-to-board interconnect system capable of data rates in excess of 10 Gbps, meeting and exceeding VITA 46 standards.
R-VPX Evolution
Capable of data rate transfer speeds of more than 16 Gb/s and meet the performance requirements of VITA 46 and VITA 47 standards while being intermateable with existing VITA 46 backplane connectors. Optimized for speed and ruggedized to endure harsh environments in military applications.
R-VPX Evolution 2.0 VITA 46.30 Connectors
R-VPX Evolution 2.0 series connectors are designed and optimized to achieve data rates in excess of 25 Gb/s, meeting VITA 46.30 requirements.
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