Centaur Sagittarius
Centaur Sagittarius - The Centaur for Space based applications.
CF-020011-35X & CF-020011-40X Data Sheet
Stand Alone Single or Six Channel Fiber Optic Media Converter drawings and block diagrams.
CF-020011-433 Drawing
POD Based Switch Box Drawing
CF-020400-054 Thermal Analysis
Thermal analysis of critical components on the CF-020400-054 board
CF-020400-062 Vibration Report
Shock and vibration test data for the CF-020400-062 Rugged Ethernet Switch as performed by Amphenol Aerospace's Test Lab
Class L Data Sheet
Corrosion Ingress Seal
Amphenol Aerospace has developed a new Corrosion Ingress Seal for D38999 Series III-style plug connectors which will significantly increase mated pair protection against salt spray and corrosive atmospheres.
Convert RF Analog to Ethernet
Cryo-Seal Hermetic series datasheet
Cryo-Seal Hermetic series datasheet
CS 114 EMI for CF-020400-062
CS 114 EMI Test for the CF-020400-062 Ethernet Switch
This 1000BASE-T to SGMII Converter couples SerDes technology and protocol conversion with a new level of ruggedization.
This 10GBASE-T to XAUI converter couples SerDes technology and transformer coupling, which allows for protocol conversion with a new level of ruggedization.
CTF-10/40/100 MM
This unit features up to 160GBps Bi-Directional bandwidth over standard Ethernet Interface. It features a 24 channel transceiver at 10Gbps per lane.
CTF-10G-1 Data Sheet
CTF-10G-1 is an integrated hybrid connector and media converter that couples high-speed copper technology with M29504 fiber technology.
Includes product information, block diagram, and drawings.
CTF-1G-SM Hybrid Connector and Media Converter Data Sheet
Contains information on the product including electrical and optical specifications.
CTF-4G-12TXRX Data Sheet
Includes product information, drawings, and how to order.
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